Pace of Play

Helpful Hints - developed in collaboration with University of Maryland, Enterprise Ladies Leagues


  • Focus quickly on your next shot, on the fairway or on the green.  Prepare while others are hitting or putting.

  • Use a reasonable pre-shot routine - one practice swing, set up, commit and hit.

  • Anticipate!  Take three clubs to your ball - the one you think is for the correct yardage, one longer and one shorter.  As you approach the green, take your putter as well.

  • On the green, the first person holing their ball should pick up the flag and be ready to replace it in the cup when everyone is holed out.


  • Drop your cart mate at her ball and drive to your ball OR leave the cart, take a few clubs and walk to your ball.

  • Get to your next shot quickly - don't wait to be driven or picked up.

  • Park your cart in back of the green on the way to the next hole.

  • Return your clubs to your bag when you reach your next stop.

  • Mark the scorecard after you have moved to the next teeing ground.

  • Cart path only - plan club selections and  use of measuring devices so that you don't need to return to the cart before taking your shot.


  • Never take any action that could endanger anyone, including players in your group, others on the course and yourself.  Tee off when the group ahead of you is safely out of your range.

  • Follow the flight of the shots of all players in the group.

  • Take a provisional shot when your ball might be lost or out of bounds.

  • Help others with course layout, yardage, raking bunkers, fixing divots and ball marks, picking up clubs and the flagstick.

Keep up with the group in front of you and your group will never be out of position.

Good pace of play is a shared responsibility and increases everyone's enjoyment of the game.

Any request for Rule or Condition modification or verification should be submitted in writing to the Chairperson.